Free online lists

Like an online fridge with sticky notes!

Check it out ยป

Somehow 'hooozah' feels just so much nicer than 'ok' on a button

An early adopter

In the cloud 'n stuff

Everything is stored online, so it can be accessed from anywhere.

You can share your online lists and scribbles with others (for example influential tech bloggers), so that BarListo may spread virally and become the next Twitter.

In the cloud you say? Sign me up!

No limits (insert beat here)

Like all good things in life, BarListo is 100% free.
(free as in beer and as in speech).

You can create as many boards as you want with any number of lists and scribbles in any position, color, shape, purpose and content you choose.

It's basically the MySpace of productivity tools. You'll love it.

I miss MySpace. Sign me up!

So easy it's insulting

On an ease-of-use scale from moron to Einstein, BarListo ranks somewhere between George W. Bush and Angry Birds.

To go technical, the whole thing is just one big JQuery UI demo (and a poorly implemented one at that), built by the modern design principle of 'every time your app needs a page refresh, god kills a kitten'.

(our heart goes out to all kittens killed - and still being killed - during development)

So you mean it's Web 2.0? Sign me up!

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